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Responsible for scheduling, staff education and infection control, planning, organizing and directing all facility orientation and in-service education in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations that govern the facility and as may be directed by the administrator and the director of nursing. To ensure that employees are adequately trained in order to provide the highest degree of quality care.
Critical Functions:
Provide quality education and inservice training and orientation program in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
Excellent communication skills and positive administration method.
Keep abreast of current education requirements and continue CEU education to provide current protocol.
Work as interdisciplinary team member working to provide staff education in a positive manner which will ultimately provide quality resident care.
Training and Experience:
Graduate of an approved school of nursing. Maintains current state registration and ongoing education.
Prefer RN but would consider LPN
Ability to develop and effectively manage facility personnel and provide interesting training method.
Skill in developing appropriate and complete educational program.
Initiative and good judgment and interpersonal skills enhancing the education program.
A sincere desire to work with staff and residents and resident families.
Capacity to grasp new theories and principles and implement these. Capability of working independently and communicate with supervisor regarding concerns or positive outcome.
Ability to maintain a good working relationship with all levels of personnel, residents and families, as well as community contacts and volunteers using tact.
Capable of making independent decisions, following instructions and accept constructive feedback.
Ability to teach and train adults. Prefer experience in education.
Sufficient computer skills and education planning capability.
Key Competencies:
Supervisory and leadership skills required
Ability to communicate to administrator and staff and families in a positive, professional and effective manner.
Ability to over see all facets of employee education and continual evaluation and update to enhance.
Lead staff in educational protocol which meets state and federal and ASI standards.
Efficient in providing or reviewing required documentation as to educational program planning.
Supervising personnel during educational program.
Detail for organization and recordkeeping.
Working Conditions:
Indoor with adequate lighting and ventilation, carpet, tile, concrete floors.
Relationship to other jobs:
This position entails supervising staff during orientation and inservice and educational programs. Must be able to control setting so employees demonstrate understanding.
Physical Demands:(In an 8 hour day: N=Never 0%, O= Occasional 1-33%, F=Frequent 34-66%, C=constant 67-100%)
Full time or part time position. Normally day schedule. Specifics must be discussed with Director of Nursing.
OSHA Exposure:
Category 1, possibility of exposure on daily basis. Required use of personal protective equipment
Essential Functions:
Needs assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of educational experiences for staff utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.
Supports successful integration of new hires into the departments and assists to develop clinical practice skills based upon current trends and research findings.
Knowledge of current trends
Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills
Demonstrates accountability, professionalism and self direction
Coordinates, implements and maintains records for all educational training.
Participates in recruitment, hiring and training of employees.
Teaches state approved nursing assistant classes where applicable
If LPN must be supervised by an RN according to state regulations.
Coordinates use of educational equipment, purchase within budget when necessary
Assess the learning needs of staff thorugh observation, formal learning assessments and indirectly through review of quality improvement and or evaluation.
Treats residents and staff and families with respect and follow HIPAA guidelines.
Awareness and teaching of safety program including PPE and OSHA requirements
Resident right knowledge and ability to teach strong program on resident rights.
Appearance professional and meets dress codes
Standing: Essential, frequently, indoor/outdoor surfaces, carpet, tile, concrete
Walking: Essential, frequently, within facility, outdoor activities, public buildings assessments, supervising staff, educational provision
Sitting: Essential, frequently, phone, assessments, supervision, documentation
Change of position: Essential, frequently, sitting, standing, walking, and educational program
Reaching, extend, hand, arms: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, providing care, supervision, educational program
Reach across midline: Essential, frequent, documentation, supervision, assist residents
Handling, hold, grasp, seize, and turn: Frequently, essential, documentation, supervision, Educational program
Fingering, pick up, pinch: Essential, frequently, documentation, activities, supervision, educational program
Feeling, perceive, attributes of object: Essential, frequently, documentation, supervision, educational program.
Crouching, squatting, bend legs and spine: Essential, frequently, supervision, educational program
Crawling: only in emergency situations or emergency drills
Balancing: Essential, frequently, documentation, supervision, assessments, educational program
Kneeling: Essential, occasionally, supervision, educational program.
Stooping, bending: Essential, frequently, documentation, supervision, educational program.
Jumping: Marginal, not normally required, may be in emergency
Static position: Essential, frequently, supervision, educational program.
Left and right rotation: Essential, frequently, documentation, educational program, supervision
Forward and side: bending: Essential, frequently, documentation , educational program, supervision
Lift / lowering:
Essential, occasional, documentation, resident assist, transportation, 50 lb lift,
Only assist residents to standing, or lower resident to floor 100 lb (push, pull, lower)
Do not attempt to lift residents or support entire weight of resident.
Lower resident to floor in the event of fall. Utilize two man lift procedure
Utilize required safety equipment
Carrying: Essential, frequently, documentation, resident assist, assessments, emergency
Pushing-pulling: Frequently, essential, resident assist, wheel chair assist, emergency care, assess Pushing weight of resident in wheelchair up to 350 lbs.
Stairs-ramp: Essential, occasionally, building access,
  • Auditory: Essential, resident request, breathing sounds, take and record vitals, assessments.
    Visual: Essential, reading documents, read medication orders, administer medication noting correct resident, correct medication, correct time, correct dosage, correct route, supervision
    Verbal: Essential, explain procedures, concerns or report to staff and residents and family members.
    Proximity of moving parts: Essential, occasional, activities, educational program
    Exposure to electrical energy: Essential, frequently, items which require electrical energy, such O2 tanks, lamps, television. Check equipment condition to prevent electrical shock.
    Exposure to toxic chemicals: Essential, frequent use of cleaning agents to clean and sanitize. Non exposure when using PPE as required.
    Blood borne pathogen exposure: Essential, frequently, assisting and caring for residents. Mandatory use of PPE per training eliminates exposure.
    Slippery, uneven surfaces: Occasionally, watch for wet floors when mopping has been done. Outdoor activities during wet weather.
    It is mandatory to follow safety policies and procedures including use of safety equipment to protect residents and employees. Lumbar supports, gait belts, two man lift policy are mandatory in all facilities. Mechanical lifts are mandatory in skilled as directed by assessment and care plan.
    Mandatory reporting of all work related injuries within 24 hours to supervisor with participation in required documentation.
    Participation in our drug testing procedures is a mandatory part of employment with this facility.
    located in St. Clair Missouri

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